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The Song we Sang


 A police constable and a hustling actor in two different cities struggle to protect the innocence of their relationship from the crudeness of their drastically different worlds and the people they are becoming. 



Baawra Mann (working title) is set over a year when Bijal and Anand- college sweethearts- are forced to be in two different cities for the first time. While Bijal is working as a police constable in Ahmedabad, Anand is a struggling actor and model in Mumbai. While they navigate through their work and life apart, the differences in their privilege, worldview, ambitions, and ideologies become stark as they confront the real world. While Anand struggles to accept the morally skewed routes to achieve success, Bijal starts to find herself enjoying the power and responsibilities of wearing a vardi with all its shades. We see these two young adults, who love each other irrevocably, battling their personal ambitions and realizing not only what it will do to their relationship but also who they are becoming as individuals.

About us

Green Chutney Films is a production house with experience in making Ad Films with over 40+ brands. The founders of the company have more than 10 years of experience in the industry from Filmmaking, to Post Production, and Sales who decided to build their own brand for the love of cinema. We are a team that lives and breathes stories! After the grand success of our first venture into fiction with The Song we Sang, we are all set to step into long-form fiction with Baawra Mann. With our culturally-rooted understanding and a global aesthetic, we are here to tell stories and make cinema that steers and moves. 

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Aarti Neharsh 

Director, Co-writer

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Manan Bhatt 


Creative Producer

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Rahul Tejwani

Co-founder, Producer

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Chintan Bhatt

Co-founder, Co-writer


Manashree Jani

Executive Producer, Casting Director 

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