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Bijal is 24, a police constable in the Ahmedabad Police Department. She gave a government job exam when Anand- her college sweetheart and to-be fiancé changed their plans of going to Canada to pursue his dream of becoming an actor in Mumbai. She comes from a lower-middle-class home with parents who are government employees and who have never really owned a house of their own. For Bijal, going to Canada and having her own space was a big deal and so when plans changed, with it went her one and only dream. She loves Anand and has subconsciously always felt how lucky she is to have someone as handsome, nice, and intelligent as him fall in love with her. However, once she joins the police force, the inherent class difference that they had never addressed surfaces when she learns how living in moral absolutes is a luxury enjoyed by the privileged when she and her fellow constables scramble on a petty salary. Through this job, she discovers the rough edges that have always been a part of her personality that she had always tried to iron out to fit into Anand’s world. 

Handsome, gentle but unfocussed, Anand grew up in an upper-middle-class family and was poised to go to Canada after his MBA. He was that good-looking popular kid in college but was always deeper than his appearances. This is why he sought after Bijal- a girl rooted in reality and fearless in her choices. He has always had strong morals and principles of how things should be. Having gotten an acting opportunity in an AD Film in Mumbai, with the support of Bijal, Anand decides to give acting a shot. Though he was destined to join his uncle's business in Canada, he silently always dreamt of becoming an actor, and with financial help from his parents, he follows his dream. When in Bombay, he works hard, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to succeeding in this soul-sweating rigorous city. However, inherently he just can't become the people pleaser and sweet talker that his peers are in order to get work. He genuinely thinks he is talented enough to make it without these gimmicks and persists in sharpening his acting skills. He loves Bijal with all his heart and can't imagine making her unhappy and living a future without her.  


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