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Director's note


A good love story is always something I keep coming back to again and again and every time I watch the same story, I find newer layers and unspoken metaphors that make me fall in love with the characters all over again. In the last few years especially, young India has become more vocal but at the same time more polarised. Opinions and ways of looking at the world become so distinct that friends we once considered chaddi-buddies have nothing to talk about in a school reunion. What happens when two people who fell in love in the former years of college look at the world in very different ways after coming face to face with the real world? We have seen stories of self-discovery, but what happens when your discovered self stops aligning with that one person you always considered to be the love of your life? Can both still co-exist or do you have to let one go?


This thought has stayed with me in the last couple of years after I grew distant from most of my school and college friends. I realised how we haven’t really seen an honest love-story between two genuinely passionate young characters who grow apart because of ideological differences. When did we last see a love story of a young Indian couple where the central conflict between the couple was not parents, or another person, but their inherently contradicting personalities and way of looking at the world?


Long-distance relationship stories seem like a concept for the west- it automatically brings to mind two urban young people living in Bandra and LA. But there is a whole world of characters out there who don’t live in pastel blue and green homes complaining about not having time to talk to each other, but those who struggle for SPACE to even have a conversation- they belong to an India where hustle, survival and a dream of a better life are at the core of their actions. Bijal and Anand belong to this India. Through the worlds of a police constable in a tier two city and a hustling actor in Mumbai, I want to explore how these two young lovers from a small town balance their individual ambitions and point of views with their shared dream of a life and future together.

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